The Revolutionary Internship Program for Students: RIPS 2024

The Revolutionary Internship Program for Students, also known as RIPS 2024, is an exciting new opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students around the world. Set to launch in January 2024, RIPS 2024 aims to connect talented students with leading companies and organizations to complete meaningful internships that will help launch their careers.

In this blog post, we will provide full details on the RIPS 2024 program including eligibility requirements, types of internship opportunities available, how to apply, deadlines, and more. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of this innovative new initiative and how it can help fuel your career aspirations.


What is RIPS 2024?

RIPS 2024 was founded with the goal of revolutionizing the traditional internship model and creating life-changing experiences for students around the globe. Some key things to know about the program:

  • Launched in partnership with top universities, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies committed to developing the next generation of leaders.
  • Recruits students from all backgrounds, nationalities, fields of study, and career interests. Diversity and inclusion are core values.
  • Offers 8-12 week paid summer internships both in-person and remote. Students can work almost anywhere in the world in 2024.
  • Provides mentorship, professional development training, networking events, and post-internship support to set interns up for long-term career success.
  • Aims to connect 10,000 students to internships in 2024 with plans to scale even further in subsequent years.

The founding team behind RIPS 2024 recognized that internships can be monumentally impactful for student careers but access is often unequal. Their mission is to revolutionize the process and level the playing field by recruiting top talent from all walks of life.


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the RIPS 2024 program, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student (entering sophomore, junior or senior year in fall 2023) or graduate student at a college/university.
  • Have and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale or local equivalent.
  • Be eligible to work legally in the country where the internship is located (can include work visas/permits if necessary).
  • Be available full-time for an 8-12 week internship period between May – August 2024. Hybrid remote/in-office schedules are possible depending on role.
  • Have above average communication skills in English. Additional languages are a plus.

While RIPS 2024 is open to all majors and areas of study, the available internship opportunities will likely appeal most to those studying subjects like business, technology, engineering, healthcare, sustainability and more. A passion for the company/organization’s mission is important.

Types of Internship Opportunities

RIPS 2024 aims to connect talented students with meaningful internship experiences across a wide range of industries and functions. Here are just a few of the types of internships that may be available:

  • Business/Management – Marketing, operations, finance, human resources, consulting, entrepreneurship and more.
  • Technology – Software engineering, web development, UX/UI design, cybersecurity, data science and analytics.
  • Healthcare – Medical research, public health, clinical operations, medical device, biotech, pharmaceuticals.
  • Sustainability – Clean energy, climate technology, supply chain management, conservation initiatives.
  • Non-Profit – Program management, community outreach, fundraising, strategic planning, impact reporting.
  • Government – Public policy, legislative affairs, economic development, crisis response, diplomacy.
  • Journalism/Media – Content creation, social media strategy, editorial, podcast/video production, investigative reporting.

The possibilities are almost endless as RIPS 2024 recruits organizations across all sectors committed to mentorship. Internships can be located anywhere in the world depending on the project and student’s country of study and work authorization.


The Application Process

The RIPS 2024 application will be available to complete online from September 1st – November 15th, 2023. Here are the key steps in the process:

  1. Create a Profile – Enter basic information like name, contact details, school, major/degree, expected graduation date.
  2. Upload Resume – A professionally formatted resume highlighting relevant experience, skills, coursework and accomplishments.
  3. Write Essays – Three short essay questions about career goals, qualifications, and interest in specific industries/roles.
  4. Provide Recommendations – Option to invite two recommenders like professors/advisors to directly submit letters of support.
  5. Review Opportunities – Browse a catalogue of available internships organized by industry, function and location.
  6. Apply to Roles – Submit top 5 internship choices and customized cover letters highlighting fit for each role.
  7. Interview Rounds (if selected) – First round phone/video interviews followed by on-site/hybrid interviews for finalists.
  8. Placements Begin – Offers sent out on rolling basis from January – March 2024 for summer internships.

Completing a strong application is critical but RIPS 2024 also strongly considers diverse perspectives and life experiences. They aim to create a level playing field for all qualified candidates.

Important Deadlines

RIPS Internship Application Deadline: The deadline to submit applications for the RIPS summer internship program in the United States for the year 2024 is February 5, 2024, at 8:59 PM (Pacific Time).

Funding Your Internship

While the goal is for all RIPS 2024 internships to be paid, funding structures may vary depending on the host organization. Here are the typical options:

  • Paid Stipend: Most interns will receive a standard weekly or monthly stipend of $600-1000 directly from the company/organization.
  • Scholarship: RIPS 2024 has a limited number of merit-based scholarships available for those with greatest financial need. Awards of $2000-5000.
  • Work Study: For students at participating universities, internships may count towards work study programs and other institutional funding sources.
  • Living Expenses: Stipends are intended to cover basic living costs but housing/accommodations are typically the intern’s responsibility.
  • Travel Support: RIPS 2024 can sometimes provide up to $1000 in travel reimbursements for relocation to certain international sites.

While the goal is for funding to never be a hurdle, RIPS 2024 understands financial constraints are real. They work to maximize opportunities and support for all admissible candidates through this multifaceted approach.

Career Outcomes and Support

Landing a competitive RIPS 2024 internship is just the beginning. The program aims to set students up for long-term career success well after the 12-week experience concludes. Here’s an overview:

  • Mentorship: Interns are paired with professional mentors to help navigate the organization and their future career paths.
  • Networking: Regular social events and conferences connect interns to a community of peers, alumni and industry leaders.
  • Training: Weekly workshops develop skills in areas like public speaking, leadership, project management and more.
  • Showcase: Interns present their work to company executives at a summer showcase for additional exposure.
  • Job Placement: 85%+ of alumni receive return internship/job offers or strong recruiter references post-program.
  • Alumni Community: Lifetime access to peer and career support resources even after graduates enter the workforce.

While an internship is temporary, RIPS 2024 wants to make its impact lifelong. Holistic career services continue empowering participants for years to come.

Getting Involved

The RIPS 2024 initiative is always looking for new partner organizations and universities to get involved. There are two main ways to participate:

  1. Host an Intern: Companies, non-profits, government agencies and more can post internship opportunities for students to apply to on the platform. No fee to host.
  2. University Partnership: Schools can promote RIPS 2024 to their student body for increased internship access. Potential for on-campus interview events.

Partnering gives organizations access to a diverse global pool of highly-driven talent. It’s a cost-effective way to recruit new entry-level talent while giving back.

RIPS 2024 is also open to philanthropic donations from individuals, corporations and foundations to fund additional internship spots and scholarship awards. Contact the team to learn more about engagement opportunities

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