#5 Tips For Working From Home With Kids

#1. Set Up a Dedicated Workspace

Be sure to have a space, even if small, that is just for work so you have a clear separation between home and office. Close the door if possible when in meetings or on calls.


#2. Establish a Routine

Come up with a daily schedule for school/work time and playtime. Having set times for each keeps kids and parents on track throughout the day.


#3. Involve Kids in the Process

Talk to your kids about the schedule and why it’s important for both work and school to get done. Ask for their help keeping toys out of the workspace. They’ll feel invested.

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#4. Use Technology to Your Advantage


Kids streaming shows on a tablet can keep them occupied during work meetings or tasks requiring focus. Just be sure to also prioritize real interactions.

#5. Make Time for Breaks

Schedule breaks for yourself and kids throughout the day. Run errands together, do an activity outside, or bake cookies to recharge. Working from home is tough with kids, so self-care is crucial.

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I hope these tips help you better balance working from home with caring for kids. Remember to be flexible, take deep breaths when frustrated, and most of all have fun together during this unusual situation.

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