Start Your Aircraft Maintenance Career at AIM Norfolk

The aviation industry is constantly on the move, connecting people across the globe. Behind the scenes, dedicated maintenance technicians work tirelessly to ensure every takeoff and landing is safe and smooth. For over 50 years, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) has been training the next generation of these unsung heroes at their Norfolk, Virginia, campus. Let’s explore how their hands-on learning approach can launch your career at thirty-five thousand feet.

A State-of-the-Art Training Facility

Just minutes from Norfolk International Airport (ORF), AIM provides a real-world environment to hone your skills. Sprawling across 35,000 square feet are classrooms, workshops, and a 12,000-square-foot hangar housing live aircraft. Full-scale mockups replicate systems like landing gears, allowing you to practice disassembly and reassembly without risk.


Computer-based training supplements hands-on learning through interactive 3D models and multimedia lessons. Under the expert guidance of their industry-experienced instructors, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of topics like aircraft structures, powerplants, and avionics through a blend of interactive activities. Throughout, class sizes remain small, at 15-20 students, to ensure individualised attention.

FAA-Certified Programmes for Career Success

AIM offers two Associate of Occupational Studies degree programmes certified under the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 147 regulations:

  • Airframe Maintenance: Covering 18 months, learn to inspect, service, repair, and overhaul aircraft structures, including skins, landing gear, and flight controls.
  • Powerplant Maintenance: Also 18 months, the focus here is on the theory, overhaul, and operation of different aircraft engines.

Rigorous training prepares you to confidently service anything from Cessnas to Boeing 747s. Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to sit for the FAA Airframe and Powerplant exams—essential certifications for almost all aviation maintenance jobs.

Hands-On Experience

While studying aircraft systems in depth, AIM emphasises applying that knowledge to their state-of-the-art facilities. You’ll get hands-on practice with professional tools to turn book learning into job-ready expertise. Recent projects have included engine overhauls, landing gear replacements, and fuselage repairs.

To reinforce lessons further, the school arranges trips to local airports. Here, you’ll tour maintenance hangars and interview technicians to gain a real understanding of their day-to-day roles. Such immersive opportunities help the classroom come alive.

Financing Your Aviation Career

AIM works hard to make their programmes affordable through federal financial aid, scholarships, employer reimbursement, and more. Guidance is also provided to help secure funding like Pell Grants, VA Benefits, WIOA Grants, or student loans. Plus, campus jobs are available to offset costs. With AIM’s high graduate employment rate, your investment is sure to pay rewarding dividends.


Taking Flight Into Your New Career

Many AIM graduates land jobs even before earning their certifications, thanks to the school’s strong industry connections. Roles may include aircraft mechanic, avionics technician, quality assurance inspector, or engine specialist with top airlines and MRO facilities.

While physically demanding, careers also stimulate the mind and pay well; the median salary for aircraft mechanics exceeds $65,000 annually, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. With experience, leadership roles as supervisors or managers command six-figure salaries. Best of all, the future remains bright as air travel continues skyrocketing worldwide.

Are you ready to soar into an in-demand technical career working behind-the-scenes to keep aircraft flying smoothly? At AIM, you will receive industry-recognised training, resources, and guidance to launch your journey in aircraft maintenance. Their Norfolk campus is the perfect launching pad for endless career opportunities in this thriving aviation hub. Apply today to start hands-on learning and get one step closer to your career taking off!

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