How to Apply for N50,000 in Federal Government Grants and Loans for Small Businesses

Two programs are being launched by the Federal Government of Nigeria: the Presidential Conditional Grant Program and the Presidential Palliative Loan Program. Both programs are overseen by the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment.

The initiatives are intended to mitigate the consequences of the loss of gasoline subsidies, according to Dr. Nkiruka Uzoka-Anite, Minister of Industry, Trade, and Investment. A N50,000 award would be given to nano firms, and loans up to N1 million and N1 billion will be available to MSMEs and manufacturers, respectively. The target beneficiaries are divided as follows: 15% goes to other demographics, 10% go to individuals with disabilities, 5% are old persons, and 70% are women and young people.


Who is Eligible to Apply?

Companies may apply if they fit into one of the six categories listed below.


1. Merchants

2. Catering services

3. IT

4. Travel


5. Creatives, such as dry cleaners, fashion designers, and cosmetics artists 6. Artists (shoemakers, vulcanizers, painters, and repairers).

Grant Eligibility Requirements

1. Be a nanobusiness owner.

2. Manage a company with the intention of expanding it and with progressive economic potential.

3. Be prepared to hire at least one more employee in the event that turnover rises.

4. Be prepared to certify that you reside in or operate from the Local Government Area. Give pertinent details about your identification and bank accounts, such as Bank Verification (BVN) for identity verification.

5. Meet the deadline for submitting your application.

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