Scholarships to Study in Australia: Your Guide to Affording World-Class Education

Australia is known the world over for its beautiful landscapes, relaxed lifestyle, and high-quality education system. However, international students may worry about how to afford studying abroad down under. Fear not – Australia offers a wide range of scholarships that can help cover tuition fees, living expenses, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down all the major scholarship options for overseas students wishing to study in Australia. We’ll explain the application processes, eligibility requirements, award amounts, and deadlines. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to fund your Australian educational dreams.


Let’s get started!

Overview of Studying in Australia

Before diving into specific scholarships, it’s helpful to understand the landscape of higher education in Australia. Some key points:

  • Education System:¬†Australia has a three-tiered education structure consisting of primary school, secondary school (high school), and post-secondary or tertiary education. At the tertiary level, students can attend universities, vocational education institutions, or TAFEs (Technical and Further Education colleges).
  • Popular Fields of Study:¬†Common areas international students pursue in Australia include business, engineering, computer science, health sciences, and hospitality/tourism. The country has strengths in these applied fields.
  • Tuition Costs:¬†Annual tuition fees for international students range from roughly AUD$20,000-30,000 at public universities to over AUD$40,000 at private institutions. Costs vary by state, level of study, and specific program.
  • Visa Requirements:¬†To study in Australia, international students must apply for and be granted a student visa. Visa rules determine how long you can stay and work in the country during and after your studies.

Armed with this overview, let’s review some major Australian scholarship programs open to global learners.

Australian Government Scholarships

The Australian government offers several prestigious scholarship initiatives to attract top talent from abroad. These include:

Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Eligibility:¬†Open to citizens of any country, excluding Australia, who want to study, research or undertake an internship in Australia.
  • Award:¬†Covers tuition fees, a living allowance, medical insurance, and travel costs. Master’s and PhD scholarships are for 12-24 months.
  • Application Deadline:¬†Varies depending on study level/location – usually September for the following year.

Australian Leadership Awards

  • Eligibility:¬†For citizens of Indonesia, South Korea, China, India, Vietnam or Sri Lanka studying at the postgraduate level in Australia.
  • Award:¬†Covers tuition, living costs, and travel for 1-2 years of full-time study.
  • Deadline:¬†Mid-July for following year.

These prestigious government awards are highly competitive but offer generous support if you can demonstrate strong academic achievement and leadership potential in your field.

University-Specific Scholarships

Individual Australian universities also provide scholarships exclusively for international students applying to or attending their institution.


For example, the University of Sydney offers:

  • International Undergraduate Scholarships:¬†Up to AUD$10,000 per year renewable for 3-4 years of a bachelor’s degree program.
  • International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships:¬†AUD$5,000-$20,000 for 1-2 years of master’s study based on academic merit and financial need.

The University of Melbourne offers awards such as:

  • Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship:¬†Covers 25% of tuition fees for bachelor’s degrees.
  • Melbourne Research Excellence Scholarship:¬†Full tuition fee exemption plus AUD$27,682 living allowance for high-achieving PhD applicants.

Other top institutions like Monash, UNSW, and Queensland University also distribute scholarships directly through their admissions offices. Be sure to check each school’s scholarships page for applicable programs.

Industry and Organization Scholarships

Many professional groups and companies in Australia provide funding specifically for fields they support. Here are a few to explore:

Australian Medical Students’ Association Scholarships

  • Eligibility:¬†For international students commencing bachelor of medicine programs.
  • Award:¬†Up to AUD$5,000 per year for tuition or living costs.

CPA Australia Scholarships

  • Eligibility:¬†For bachelor’s, master’s or PhD studies relating to accounting, finance and business.
  • Award:¬†AUD$5,000-$20,000.

Australian Tourism Scholarships

  • Eligibility:¬†For diploma/bachelor’s programs in tourism, hospitality or events management.
  • Award:¬†Up to full tuition fees, living allowance, etc. depending on scholarship.

Investigate professional associations, companies and other organizations relevant to your intended field of study – many offer need and merit-based funding.

State and Territory Scholarships

Each state and territory within Australia provides scholarships specifically for students studying there. For example:

Queensland Government Excellence Scholarship

  • Eligibility:¬†International students with outstanding academic results commencing bachelor’s, master’s or PhD in Queensland.
  • Award:¬†Covers full tuition fees for the normal duration of the program.

South Australia Academic Merit Scholarship

  • Eligibility:¬†For high-achieving international students studying at the University of Adelaide or Flinders University.
  • Award:¬†Between AUD$5,000-20,000 depending on field of study.

NSW Government Science and Engineering Scholarship

  • Eligibility:¬†For international students studying approved STEM-related degrees at a NSW university.
  • Award:¬†Up to AUD$18,000 per year for living costs.

Be sure to research what each state or territory offers international students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Apply Strategically

The application process for Australian scholarships will vary depending on the specific program, but here are some universal tips:

  • Have outstanding academic transcripts, references, statements of purpose ready to demonstrate your eligibility.
  • Tailor your materials to the assessment criteria – emphasizing how you meet the funder’s priorities and goals.
  • Apply for multiple relevant scholarships to increase your chances of success.
  • Allow ample time for applications – many deadlines are 6-12 months before your intended start date.
  • Consult directly with the funding organization if you have any other questions about eligibility or requirements.
  • Explore if your home country or other external organizations provide complementary funding to stack with Australian awards.

Following these strategies can maximize your opportunities to earn a scholarship and make your Australian education dreams affordable and achievable.

Looking Beyond Scholarships

While scholarships are highly competitive, don’t lose hope if you’re not selected initially. Consider these additional funding options:

Part-Time Work

International students in Australia are allowed to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during semesters and unlimited hours during breaks once their course starts. Even modest on-campus or local jobs can help chip away at costs of living and studying.

Graduate Loans or Financial Aid

Some universities provide need-based scholarships, bursaries, or interest-free or low-interest loans for students experiencing financial hardship even after scholarships are awarded. Speak to your school’s international student advisors.

Family Support

If possible, discuss contributing costs with your family members back home. Even a few hundred dollars monthly helps lighten the financial load significantly.


Live frugally by finding affordable housing, using public transportation, cooking own meals rather than eating out often, etc. Make finances go far through prudent budgeting.

With planning and perseverance, there are viable paths to fund your Australian education expenses without full scholarships. Keep exploring all available need-based aid options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common scholarship questions:

How competitive are Australian awards? Very Рprograms through government, top universities receive thousands of applications for limited spots. Stand out with your merit and expressed interest in Australia.

When should I begin the process? Start researching options 9-12 months before intended start date for many deadlines. Prep early and avoid last-minute rush.

Can I get a scholarship for a short program? Yes, but funding amounts may be less for short courses/study abroad. Check program durations required by specific scholarships.

What if my English falls short? Some scholarships consider English language ability, so improve your score if possible through tutoring or IELTS/PTE preparation. International students must meet English language requirements to study in Australia as well.

Do grades matter more than activities? It depends on the specific scholarship Рmany consider both academics and extracurricular accomplishments holistically. Emphasis may vary, so showcase strengths in both areas.

What are my chances as an undergraduate? Scholarship opportunities exist but tend to be more competitive/targeted toward postgraduate level study in Australia. International experience can still help undergrads stand out.

Hope this extensive guide has provided valuable insights into funding your Australian education journey through scholarships. Please explore various options further on official program websites. All the best with your applications!

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